How it works

Clients are taught how to relax and calm themselves deeply. This leads to a greater sense of feeling safe and secure.

They are then shown how the intrusive thoughts, like the memories, flashbacks, nightmares and hallucinations are experienced as if the client(s) were watching a TV or cinema screen.

The therapist explains how it is the constant playing of this video, talking or rehearsal about the experience keeps it top of their mind. They feel right back in the situation and can re-experience the trauma.

They then learn that how to create emotional distance from the experience and then, supported by the therapist, to be calm and in control to use their imagination to process the emotion, memory and feelings, at their own pace, as quietly as they choose.

The client controls and repeats the process as often as they wish in order to finish the experience calm, confident and feeling safe.

The therapists that support you are widely trained, experienced in working with trauma and focused on supporting you.


Thank you for promoting and supporting us

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